Dingy AKA Phantom, is an amazing Harlequin patterned handsome boy.
Harlequin is an unusual color for French lops and is not a showable color according to the ARBA but he should produce some nice showable tri colored babies. He has an amazing and sweet personality and always wants to be with people. He will forever be here at Painted Trails.
Brutus, is our black chinchilla buck, he is a very mellow guy and still has a lot of growing to do. We are looking forward to a nice show career for him as he matures and fills out a bit. He is from Edens lines.
Nickle Back # B6
Nickle back is an Opal Sr buck and came to us from Bauers Rabbitry in MI. Nickle Back always has a grumpy look about him but he has a very strong head and massive bone,he reminds me of the old type French Lops that were around 30 years ago, big and bulky. We can't wait to see what he produces here. 

1 leg BOS, Dover 2012
JFK is a Chestnut JR buck, he is also the clown of the barn, he is always into everything and is a total goof. JFK has an amazing coat and is doing very good at shows, he is an important part of our Blue Eyed White project since he is a vienna carrier. We can't wait to see him all grown up..